What is depression in detail

Depression is a mental health disorder that can cause feelings of intense sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness. It usually results from an imbalance in brain chemistry or hormones. It can be triggered by events such as the death of a loved one, major changes in life circumstances, or stress.

People who suffer from depression often experience difficulty finding enjoyment in activities they used to enjoy. In severe cases they may even have suicidal thoughts or tendencies. Treatment for depression typically includes a combination of psychotherapy and medication.

Common symptoms of depression include fatigue, changes in appetite, trouble sleeping, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, difficulty concentrating, and suicidal thoughts. With proper treatment, many people are able to manage their symptoms and lead healthier lives. By learning more about depression, you can help yourself or a loved one seek the right treatment to manage this condition.

If you are concerned that someone may be struggling with depression then it’s important to reach out for help as soon as possible. Mental health professionals can work with individuals to develop an appropriate treatment plan for their particular situation.

With the right treatment and support, people can learn to cope with depression symptoms and lead healthier lives. Remember that no one should ever have to face depression alone. So if you or someone you know is struggling, there are resources available to help. Seeking professional help is an important step in the healing process. Never hesitate to reach out for help.

By learning more about depression, you can become a better-informed advocate for yourself or someone you love. Knowing this information can make all the difference. With the right knowledge and support, individuals struggling with depression can find hope and healing with Depression counselling Surrey.


How can counselling help with depression?

Counselling can provide individuals struggling with depression the tools and strategies to cope with their symptoms. By creating a safe, non-judgmental environment, a counsellor can help individuals identify sources of stress or anxiety. Particularly if they may be contributing to feelings of depression. Counselling can also assist in providing new perspectives on difficult situations and allow individuals to explore possible solutions.

In addition, counselling can provide individuals with the opportunity to develop healthier coping skills. It will also work on developing more positive thought patterns. Counselling can also help focus on improving relationships and building self-esteem and resilience. learning new communication skills, exploring meaningful activities or hobbies that bring joy also provides support for managing stress or other life events.

Overall, counselling is an important step in helping individuals manage symptoms of depression and lead healthier lives. It can give individuals the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, gain insight into their current situation, as well as develop personal objectives for recovery.


About Guildford Therapy and Brian Shand

As a professional psychotherapist in Surrey, I am accredited, qualified, and experienced. I offer a secure and confidential space for individuals to explore any issues they may be facing. Based in a medical centre near Guildford, I provide counselling and psychotherapy for common conditions such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness. My approach is friendly and supportive.

I understand that reaching out to someone you don’t know to discuss personal issues can be daunting. Rest assured, I have extensive professional experience in mental health. I have worked in the psychotherapy departments of NHS hospitals in Surrey and have supervised the work of psychiatrists and other psychotherapists.

Throughout my career, I have collaborated with individuals of varying ages, backgrounds and challenges. I am a qualified group analytic psychotherapist in private practice in Surrey, and one of the few in the area. In addition to group therapy, I also provide individual counselling.

I trained at and am a Member of the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA). The IGA is the UK’s main institute for training group psychotherapists. It emphasizes the way in which our minds are formed through social, multi-personal relationships.

At the IGA I was awarded an MSc in group analysis. I have a special interest in the experience of those who grew up without brothers and sisters. I also have a WPF Certificate in Counselling Skills and Attitudes.

Please contact me today either by phone or by using the quick online contact form. If we agree to meet first, then we will conduct a 2-3 hour initial assessment to understand your situation and determine how I can assist you in achieving your therapeutic goals. I am excited to hear from you!