The Counselling and Psychotherapy Initiative

It’s know that counsellors and psychotherapists are excellent for personal and professional development. Counselling can help with problems ranging from relationship issues to feelings of hopelessness and despair. Developing a trusting relationship with a therapist is important. The Surrey counselling and psychotherapy has proven to be an effective way to help with major crises in life. This includes behavioral issues, relational and emotional too. It’s vital to find the right surrey counselling and psychotherapy qualified professional for you.

If you’re looking into good counselling methods in private practice than counselling and psychotherapy initiative SCPI may be the right option for you. Founded by Leslie Lund in 2004, the Surrey Counselling and Psychotherapy Initiative (SCPI) is a professional members’ organisation that has grown into a thriving organisation of professionals in North Surrey. The organisation offers professional development opportunities and collegial support to members in private practice, plus professional development is a major benefit too.


A therapist’s approach may be influenced by their training, background and experience. They may also incorporate other elements into their work. They may also have a specialty in a particular area. For example, a therapist may specialize in counselling children, adolescents or adults. Psychotherapists have many skills, including the ability to work with the nervous system, use play therapy and counselling techniques. They may also have undergone a psychiatric placement, a period of clinical training, or may have worked as a psychotherapist for a number of years.

Psychotherapy can take place in a group setting or a one-on-one relationship. Counselling can last several months or a year. It can also be helpful to combine counselling with other methods of treatment, such as medication. If you’re considering psychotherapy, check with your health care provider to see if they recommend it. You may also check with the state government to see if they have information on mental health programs. You may also be able to find information online.